Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On the surface

I’ve been sent an advance copy of a nice review article on ‘water at solid surfaces’ by Marco Maccarini at Heidelberg. It will appear in the September issue of Biointerphases (a journal of the American Vacuum Society), and does a thorough job of reviewing recent work on the nature of water at hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces as revealed by X-ray and neutron reflectivity, SHG and simulation studies.

And on that same topic, there’s a paper in Physical Review Letters (99, 078302) reporting the nature of water at the interface with a phospholipid membrane, based on 2D IR spectroscopy. The authors conclude that there are three types of hydrogen-bonding motif: water molecules bound to zero, one or two OH groups on the lipids, in the relative proportions of about 8:52:40. Can’t immediately see any data about the lifetimes.

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